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ORA-15033 disk belongs to diskgroup

Recently, we have faced one issue while adding disk into the diskgroup.

We have one diskgroup viz. CRS created with “NORMAL” redundancy. Someone in the UNIX team replaced the disk without running “ALTER DISKGROUP” Command.

So, while adding diskgroup, we got the below error:

alter diskgroup CRS add
FAILGROUP CRS01_0000 disk ‘/dev/rhdiskpower98’ rebalance power 11;SQL>   2
alter diskgroup CRS add
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-15032: not all alterations performed
ORA-15033: disk ‘/dev/rhdiskpower98’ belongs to diskgroup “CRS”

As the “Alter DiskGroup DATA DROP DISK” command has not been run so, we need to add disk with Force option.

SQL> alter diskgroup CRS add
FAILGROUP CRS01_0000 disk ‘/dev/rhdiskpower98’ force rebalance power 11;

Diskgroup altered.

NVL(a.name, ‘[CANDIDATE]’)      disk_group_name
, b.path                          disk_file_path
, b.name                          disk_file_name
, b.failgroup                     disk_file_fail_group
v$asm_diskgroup a RIGHT OUTER JOIN v$asm_disk b USING (group_number) where b.path=’/dev/rhdiskpower98′

DISK_GROUP_NAME                          DISK_FILE_PATH                           DISK_FILE_NAME                 DISK_FILE_FAIL_GROUP
—————————————- —————————————- —————————— ——————————
CRS                                    /dev/rhdiskpower98                       CRS01_0000                     CRS01_0000

So, problem can be resolved by using the FORCE clause while adding disk.


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